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Donors can use the buttons on this page to contribute one-time or ongoing gifts. Alternatively, checks may be sent to the address below.

Colorado Center for Alternative Lifestyles
PO BOX 460267
Denver, CO 80246

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The Colorado Center for Alternative Lifestyles is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity. Donations to CAL are tax-deductible and support our work as defined by our governing documents:

The primary purposes for which the Organization is formed are (I) to provide for the advancement of education related to alternative lifestyles, including conducting public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, and similar programs, (II) eliminating prejudice and discrimination of those engaged in alternative lifestyles, and (III) promoting safer practices for those engaged in alternative lifestyles in order to reduce the frequency and severity of associated injuries and illness.

Colorado Center for Alternative Lifestyles