Leadership Team

D. L. Allen

Executive Director

D. L. Allen is a retired, disabled veteran. He’s most succinctly described as a “hedonist.” He has participated in alternative lifestyle communities for the last two decades. D. L. Allen has been particularly involved in the Colorado poly, swinger, BDSM, and Leather lifestyles for the last 10 years. In that time he has mentored, taught classes, hosted a call in show, and attended lifestyle conferences both locally and nationally. 

He’s especially passionate about authority dynamics, ethical hedonism, finding confidence in one’s sexuality, ethical sadism, self advocacy, R.A.C.K, and P.R.I.C.K.

You will find him constantly conversing with people so he can better understand different perspectives and different ways to approach topics. Some of his current hobbies are reading lifestyle books, watching anime, and cooking. 

Sola Daboiku

Co-Director of Social Events

Sola was born and raised in Ohio, but her personal goals brought her to Colorado.

Sola graduated from university in 2018 with a degree in Psychology and minors in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Human Sexuality. During her university days, Sola participated in activists advents, orchestrated marches, fundraisers, demonstrations, has sat on LGBTQAAI+ & Non-Monogamous panels and lead talks about various sociopolitical and economic issues.

Upon moving to Colorado, Sola was introduced to CAL’s classes and instantly found a thriving community of people who are just as passionate and curious as she is. Sola participated in CAL’s first Instructor Training Program where she developed a talk highlighting safe and fun sexual positions for fat bodies like her’s.

Sola brings her psychology background, event organization skills, and passion to CAL’s new Leadership Team. Currently, Sola works in Human Resources and enjoys video games (console, handheld & PC) in her free time.

Wren Lane

Co-Director of Education

Wren finds much of her identity at the intersections of queerness, ethical non-monogamy, and her full time profession in healthcare.

She has a tremendous passion for both learning & educating in each of those communities and gets especially excited when she can blend two or more together. Two of her favorite classes to date have been teaching fellow healthcare providers how to provide culturally competent care to gender-expansive patients and teaching alternative lifestyle communities about the science behind safer sex practices so they can make informed decisions about their health.

When not working, teaching, or learning, you can often find her either behind or in front of a camera exercising her creative expression through photography.

Chris Wellman

Co-Director of Social Events

Chris Wellman (@ChrisWellman on FetLife) is a polyamorus, pansexual, switch who has been presenting and creating events for alternative lifestyle communities since 2018.

Chris is a comedian by trade and runs two lifestyle friendly comedy shows in Denver; one an educational and consent focused kinky comedy show at The Denver Sanctuary, the other, a sex-positive storytelling show at the iconic Blush & Blu.

He has a passion for sharing his love for and changing the misconceptions surrounding the BDSM community through the vehicle of comedy. Chris is a self-described sex nerd with a background in Anthropology and loves teaching both philosophical and practical aspects of BDSM to lifestylers and vanillas alike.

Caitie Fry

Director of Outreach

Caitie (she/her) spent most of her formative years in the Southern United States where she graduated from the University of Arkansas with Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Spanish in 2014. She loves to travel, learn new things, and try everything twice! Kink has always been an intuitive part of her sex life, and upon moving to Colorado in 2018 she has taken the time to immerse and properly educate herself in the LGBTQIA2S+, Ethically Non-Monogamous, and Kink communities.

Caitie views her identity as something fluid and evolving, but finds commonality with the labels of bisexual, solo-poly, and a BDSM bottom. She cherishes her position within these communities as something sacred, and is focused on educating herself and others about sexual freedom, expression, and the sexiness of enthusiastic consent!

Misha McShane

Co-Director of Education

Misha is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist in private practice.

Professionally, her business niche is serving clients who identify with (or are curious/exploring) LGBTIAQ+, Kink, BDSM, and/or Poly and Non-monogamy lifestyle(s). Misha has presented sexuality workshops at Voodoo Leatherworks, Frolicon, TalkSexy.org, Cedar Springs Hospital, Centura Hospital, and Denver Department of Human Services. She is a supporter of Inside/Out Youth Services and National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. Personally, she’s been active in the Colorado Springs Swinger and BDSM communities for 8 years. Also, she and her partner host monthly “Naughty Nerd Trivia” which combines sex positivity, education, entertainment, and prizes.

Nicholas Ford

Board Member

Nick has been participating in kink communities since 2013 and has attended classes and events all across North America, Asia, and Europe. He is an award winning author of LGBT+ non-fiction and an Amazon bestselling author.

Nick served as Executive Director of Colorado CAL from 2020-2021 and now lives as a Digital Nomad in Europe, occasionally teaching classes.

Jordyn Amstutz

Secretary of the
Board of Directors

In 2015, Jordyn found herself dissatisfied with the social events offered and felt that there was not a place for someone like her to have fun, meet like-minded people, and feel truly at ease in an environment that felt safe, low-pressure, and casual. So, she founded the Denver Social Slosh to meet that need.

From the early days in LoDo with just a few attendees, the Denver Social Slosh has grown into fixture of the Denver community with three monthly events and multiple special events each year.

In 2016, the Denver Social Slosh merged with ColoradoCAL and Jordyn assumed the role of Social director. This year, we are proud to welcome her to the Board of Directors and look forward to seeing what the new Social team does to take community engagement to the next level.

Jordyn is works in medical billing for a pediatric home healthcare company, is a connoisseur of fine craft beers, and has been an educator and advocate for alternative lifestyle communities for nearly a decade.

Isaac Cross

Chairman & Treasurer of the
Board of Directors

The Colorado Center for Alternative Lifestyles was formed in January of 2015 by Isaac Cross. He has led the organization as both Executive Director and Chairman of the Board ever since and has built ColoradoCAL from simple idea an organization with thousands of members. This year, Isaac is relinquishing his role as Executive Director, and fulfills his 2015 promise to ensure the organization would exist first and foremost to serve the community, not its leaders.

Isaac is an educator who began offering classes for members of alternative communities in 2009. He has been featured as the keynote speaker at multiple national events and has taught internationally on multiple occasions, as well. Isaac has a background in psychology, is a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor, and currently works (remotely) as an analyst for a healthcare agency in Denver as he travels the world and explores how alternative communities survive and thrive in the 21st century.

“As I step away from my active role in ColoradoCAL and onto the next great challenge, I do so with full faith and confidence in the leadership team we’ve selected. I am sure they will take CAL farther and do more for our communities than I ever could have hoped to do when I started this journey alone six year ago.”

Colorado Center for Alternative Lifestyles